3 Wizz Air A321's airspeed indicators fail on Monday and a Qantas B738 had the same problem on Tuesday


What are the chances this would happen?

Here’s the first one: https://www.aeroinside.com/item/11092/wizz-a321-at-sofia-on-feb-26th-2018-unreliable-airspeed-indications

The second one: https://www.aeroinside.com/item/11091/wizz-a321-at-sofia-on-feb-26th-2018-unreliable-airspeed

And the third one: https://www.aeroinside.com/item/11093/wizz-a321-at-sofia-on-feb-26th-2018-rejected-takeoff-due-to-unreliable-airspeed

Anyone have any ideas on how this could happen?


In all the METARs attached to the postings the temperature and dewpoint were very close, indicating high humidity and potential icing issues.


They don’t call ‘em the Scarebus for nuttin’.


Now just in, on Tuesday a Qantas B738 had the same problem.


But probably not for the same reasons, no chance of icing at that height in Perth this time of year.