3 airliners off runways, no fatalities!!!


Photo taken thru snowy conditions. On take off in snowfall, the aircraft suffered a failure in the left engine #1. The F100 then ran off the side of the runway, caught fire, skidded onto the military ramp and came to rest under the wing of a 747 belonging to Iranian Air Force. Its maingear collapsed on its way. All on board were able to escape with no or minor injuries. The aircraft was gutted by flames before airport fire service arrived. Left side of aircraft doesn’t look to good! This aircraft was originally destined for Braniff back in 1990, but went to Iran Air after Braniff cancelled.


News Story, Asian Spirit YS-11 with 46 persons on board over ran runway in Manilla on Jan 2/08.


Deauville St Gatien-Intl AP (LFRG) France, Moroccan operated Atlas Blue skidded off runway with no injuries. Jan 3/08.