2 Receivers in one and VRS Question


I would like to have a secuond pi which is facing south and then direct the stream to the first one. Is that possible? I would like to do that all on the pi’s, in order not to have an Windows Maschine running.
I also tried to have VRS running on my pi, but without luck. Opens but if click anything in the GUI i get an error box. Also tried to install the web configuration tool, also did not work. I guess it is related to the sqlite database which is part of my adsb Exchange script.


If you just want to few the data when your PC is on then a windows VRS system consolidating the feeds is an easy choice.
I do this for my RPIs as I only need to view the traffic when my laptop is running. If you want to run VRS on an RPI then you should probably post your question on the VRS website.

You can feed the data from multiple Piawares into a single device, however, it can mess up MLAT. The safest way to do this is to feed the data into an RPI that doesn’t connect to Flightware. You can use beast-splitter on each of the feeder devices to get the local data and send it to the consolidating device. PP and VRS are a little easier as they can pull the data from multiple devices.