2 planes 1 registration number

Old threads mention seeing two flights with the same airframe registration number.

I just came upon KLM 612 and KLM 48 with the same hull registration number PH-BHF.

You mean you found a flight with a flight number differing from the callsign / more than one flight number?
It’s not two flights.

Correct, not two flights. If you look at the FlightAware webpage version, it lists both KLM612 and KLM48.

This type of thing can happen due to callsign disambiguation (where the transmitted callsign is changed from the retail flight number to avoid confusion with similar callsigns in ATC communication), or when the schedule or ANSP information that we receive is out of sync with what’s set in the aircraft. We try to glue all those types of information together to produce a single coherent flight on the website, but your local SkyAware view is running purely off local data so you don’t see those other data sources there.

Same flight, same plane, two different callsigns. Thought it was interesting. Thanks for the info/elaboration, @obj.

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