2 flight legs tracking simultaneously


DAL 44, KSAN to KCVG, and KCVG to LFPG. Both legs currently showing as “enroute.” Looks like the leg from KSAN left 4 hours late, and the one to Paris decided not to wait around. It’s one of those flight numbers that changes planes at KCVG, so conceivably, both flight 44’s could be airborne at the same time. I just wonder why they didn’t put a suffix on one of them, because the tracking map looks just lovely lol…

By the way, Happy New Year to all!


If the aircraft are close to each other, they usually would add a “A” or something like that to the end of the second aircrafts call sign. By the sounds of this, those two aircraft were no where near each other and it wouldn’t be worth the paperwork to go through the change.