1975 CBS video World Airways B727 depart Da Nang Vietnam . .


Just posted on LiveLeak, video is from CBS News from March 1975. World Airways flys a B727 into Da Nang Vietnam to save women and children, the plan goes awry as soon as they touch down!!!

LiveLeak World Airways B727 video


Wow! I remember those days, albeit from the suburban comfort of a Zenith console TV. Bold flight crew!


I find that really disgusting. The airline goes out of its way to help people, and then some people shoot at it because they couldn’t get on. I always think it is great for companies and America to help other countries in need, but not when you have so many ungrateful people. Of course, not everyone was like that and obviously, it was tough times and people wanted out of Vietnam, but why get mad at us for it?


That video was posted to YouTube a day earlier, quite possibly by the original poster, who also posted this video of a bit of history of World Airways


Please refrain from smoking until you have exited the cargo hold and reached a designated smoking area.


Is it just me, or at 00:07, is Edward J Daly channeling Thurston Howell III?


Yea, these were such brave men. I cannot imagine forcing myself onto an aircraft when my family is being left behind. If I was Ed Daly I would have shot those cowards.


Politics aside.

This proves the point that Boeing overbuilds their airplanes to the point where they can do the undoable.

Does anyone have a copy of the V speed card. I’d like to see it. 8)