10ft Landing / 10ft Take off

Bush pilots at Valdez, AK STOL competition. Impressive on the landing


Also, Skydiver transitions from one glider to the other in mid-air



That Cub has GOT to be filled with helium! :open_mouth:

Wonder what the ground wind speed was.

Not even a Carbon Cub! Have you guys seen the Carbon Cub?

Seen one? To quote Jimmy Carter, “I lust in my heart” for one!

That is Bobby Breeden’s slightly modified super cub. He is 17 and a 200 hours student pilot.
The actual Valdez fly in was this weekend, rumor has it he finished 4th but the official results haven’t been published yet.


I’m sure it played a major role in the spectacular performance.

Haha don’t we all?

Fly up a creek in the hills for a with the plane, a tent, fishing pole, matches, bow & arrow for those hunters…, and find a nice gravel bar… :wink: