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1090 radio drop out

I’m having issues with my piaware, the 1090 radio drops out and doesn’t restart unless I force a device restart, how do I fix this?

Thank you

Log entries may offer some clues. If you have shell/ssh access, try /var/log/piaware.log. If not, click the gear icon in My ADS-B page and review logs.

When ever a receiver starts behaving erratically, my first suspicion is always the PSU.

I put that command in to the ssh and it comes back saying

-bash: /var/log/piaware.log: Permission denied

The power supply isn’t doing anything erratic as far as I can see, it’s not cutting out, I have it on a table near my desk and I’ve seen it switch off and on


Show the output for the power debug commands and the dump1090-fa log please.

May not be cutting out, however may also not be putting out 5.2vdc consistently.

If voltage is occaisionally dropping lower, that is where erratic behavior frequently is observed - as documented via countless threads on this forum.

I am going to be moving the study around today, so I will try it in another plug socket and see if that makes any difference, before I start buying any new plug for it, I recently spent £160 on amatuer radio equipment.

I see your site is up again - what did you do?

How were you testing it?