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IPv6 support (2)
Radio communications (2)
Save peak rankings/longest distance tracked (4)
Please allow customisation of contents shown in the list on Piaware (14)
DP & STAR data source (3)
When PiAware stops feeding (14)
Flightcrew Remarks - how do I create one ? (3)
Coverage Map enhancements (1)
Easy way to draw a polygone on the map (2)
Locate Airports on Skyview (2)
Embedding link (2)
Logging the flight/flights which were the longest distance from my site over time (3)
First Impressions FlightFeeder (5)
Website display of HTML cleanup (1)
Stats Page - Coverage Graph (1)
Click SkyView list to highlight the aircraft? Max range when lost? (2)
Historical Data (2)
Flight Feeder Screen (2)
Introducing a needed aviation pictures screening (7)
Klm file fot Google Earth (1)
Flight tracking and flightxml (7)
Add more toggle options to Skyview map settings (1)
When viewing a flight, turn off nearby flights by default (1)
Allow toggle for 2nd green line (1)
IATA Aircraft codes (1)
NEXRAD Weather (7)
Stop or Start dump1090-mutability for Local Only Use (4)
Range Rings (7)
Apple TV App (3)
Suggestion: FlightAware map application for Roku players (10)